Titanium Floating Navel with 18KT Gold Premium Zirconia Marquise Cut Trinity

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ASTM F-136 Titanium threadless curve and plain disc with 18k gold premium zirconia flower petal.

16G 14G

ASTM-F136 titanium threadless curve with  ASTM F+136 titanium disc with a18kt gold end


1pc - ASTM F136 titanium curve

1 pc- ASTM F136 titanium disc

1pc - 18kt gold threadless end

Please note: Curve barbell and disc are ASTM F-136 titanium and the end is 18kt gold

Product Care

18-karat gold items should always be marked with 750, denoting their 18K composition. The marking may require a jeweler's loupe to see and is placed on an area of the piece that does not touch the body to ensure that it is safe to wear. Gold jewelry, with the exception of 24-karat (pure) gold, typically contains alloys to improve its strength. Those alloys can cause the gold to tarnish over time. 24k gold will not tarnish but is not strong enough to be used for body jewelry. Chemicals such as chlorine, perfume, acidic foods, saltwater, or even oils in your skin can accelerate tarnishing. Tarnish can be easily removed from solid gold pieces using silver polishing cloths or jewelry cleaning solutions.

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