Obsidian Brand Teflon Coated Pre-Sterlized Body Piercing Needles


100 pieces of Teflon Coated Pre-Sterlized Body Piercing Needles.  Made from  306 stainless steel.

Check out our sample box while quantities last. The sample box contains a total of 50 needles in 3 gauge sizes: 18G (20) / 16G (20) / 14G (10).

20G 18G 16G 15G 14G 13G 12G 10G

Needles are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas.  All needles have a 3 year shelf life from date of sterilization. Obsidian needles come from over 20 years experience manufacturing piercing and tattoo needles.  Forever evolving into the perfect needle for you and your client.  Try them once and you will see the difference.  Same day shipping on most orders.

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