When I first started working at my current shop, I was ordering from Metal Mafia because the previous piercer left behind MM catalogs, so it was kind of a default. However, I continue to use Metal Mafia because of the quality of the jewelry and supplies that they provide me, and most importantly the experiences I've had with my representative, Amanda Fagone. Amanda has been an amazing support since day 1 and continues to be there whenever I need help with my orders or have questions about jewelry and restocking supplies. She always keeps me updated on promotions and consistently reaches out to make sure all of my supplies are stocked. I appreciate Amanda so much! Additionally, since deciding to start selling Metal Mafia jewelry at our store front, our shop has made amazing profit and has drawn in more of a crowd of customers who want body piercings! I always make sure to recommend Metal Mafia (and Amanda!) to my associates at other body mod establishments for their supply needs :)    - Ariana from Wolf's Den

My name is Malibu I've been a piercer now for 9 year's. Outta those 9 year's 7 has been scent with Metal Mafia. Why you may ask? Here's why the customer service is always amazing even if a mistake was made you guys are very professional and on top of it. Your never to busy or say it isn't your problem like other companies I've dealt with. As well you provide implant grade jewelry at a reasonable price to where we can reach more clientele by providing an amazing service that everyone with a normal pay check can get. Without cutting corners on quality. I've got multiple pairs or person jewelry from you as well most of my daily wears come from personal purchases with Metal Mafia. On top of easy order and access to the site what is there not go love.   - Malibu from Ink Therapy

I’m not even sure where to begin about Metal Mafia. I will admit my first order was very intimidating, because I was just starting out and wasn’t sure what to exactly get. Mariah was there to just walk me through everything which made it so much easier for me. Everyone is always right there for all of us piercers who need guidance or just to make sure that we have everything we need. I do order from other company’s front time to time, but never have I experienced they joy that the members of the Metal Mafia team have. Even when I make a mistake or forget to add something, there is always someone to contact and get exactly what I need to show the same joy to my clients and make my career even better. The jewelry has always been worth it to me and no matter how far I go in my career. This company will always be a must for me. The selection is always growing which I think is amazing, it has changed just like I have changed. I will say it’s like having a team to have my back through my career. People to depend on to always ask what else they can do to help. It’s not just a customer feeling to me, it’s a family feeling. Going from just ordering jewelry to having my work published so many times by Metal Mafia has been an amazing ride and a thrill to never know what is exactly next. When it comes to my photos showing my work, I know I’m not just representing myself and my shop but also showing the quality of jewelry this company offers piercers and our clients. Writing this email is a huge thank you. No one reading this will ever really understand the growth I have gone through and the struggles of risking it all to place that one big order. Now I can place those orders and give my clients the best Metal Mafia offers and of course making sure they get a Metal Mafia sticker to go with their aftercare. A company can’t grow without great clients and we piercers can’t grow without a great company to stand by us. Even since I started doing my own ordering, you guys are the first in my eyes and always will be. You gave my me chance to grow and be a better piercer. I represent myself, Dead Set Ink, my clients, and the Metal Mafia team. That team isn’t just sales or warehouse personnel, it includes those who may never be named or talked about. Everyone deserves a chance to be thanked for making us piercers who we are. Everyone does a part to help this industry grow, that should mean a lot to everyone attached to Metal Mafia. Even when my following wasn’t that great, seeing that the company liked my work really was a boost for me. So I think to sum it all up, Metal Mafia has been there through the growth of my career and I will stand by Metal Mafia for years to come.    - Alex from Dead Set Ink

 I choose metal mafia for all my jewelry needs including personal jewelry because they have hands down best quality and bling on all their products. Their customer service Is top notch and have never had a bad experience when ordering. I've never had "bad" or "messed up" jewelry sent to me. Would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to up their game on quality products and very shiny jewelry.   - Chris from 50 Shades Of Pain

My name is Stevon Gardner and I'm a professional body piercer at the one and only Sacred Rites Tattoo in Port Charlotte, Florida. I started my piercing career a year ago this week. My story is anything but simple. I'm a combat veteran who always dreamed of being a body piercer and tattoo artist. Ever since I was a teenager I was fascinated by the world of body modification. Being from a small town I didn't have any opportunities to pursue those careers. So, of course I took the safe route. I worked hard and got a master’s degree. Worked my way up the ladder, married the love of my life, built a house and had a baby. Typical American dream stuff. A year ago, my friend, now mentor Chris Burkett offered me an opportunity to live my dream. He said it would be long hours, hard work. Challenge accepted. I started as any apprentice would. It was Just as he said it was but, I had 4 mentors to learn from. Chris Burkett, Shaun Rosen, Megan Davis, and Leinaala Sallander Each with their own unique perspectives on the industry and methods. I would venture to say, I was the most fortunate apprentice in the history of body modification. I have spent day and night practicing my technique with a piercing instrument and crafting foam. That I still do to this day in my free time. Mastering bevel theory, the transfer, all aspects of the procedure. I mocked up a mayo stand and made cut outs of instruments at home based on my mentors’ setups with pictures I took. I drove my wife nuts with the late nights. My career thus far has been nothing short of amazing. I've had the pleasure of using Metal Mafia Jewelry for every piercing in this studio who had already been using your jewelry for a decade. The quality for the price is unmatched. I've never had an issue with any piece of Metal Mafia Jewelry. The constancy is above reproach. It has been an honor, and a privilege to use your products for my clients, myself, and my family. Thank you for all that you have done for the industry, and I look forward to continuing my career using your jewelry as the foundation of that.  - Stevon from Sacred Rites Tattoo

I just wanted to send over a note to let you know how much I appreciate my representative at Metal Mafia whose name is Danielle. All of my body jewelry needs are met through your company and through the efforts of Danielle-who is always patient with me, pleasant to talk to, and very knowledgeable and efficient. Your customer service, competitive pricing, and the high quality of your merchandise are the reasons that you have been the only body jewelry company I have dealt with for 15 years. Keep doing you - Harry from Headlight Tattoo

We take pride in providing quality titanium body jewelry at an affordable price. We rely heavily on Metal Mafia for all of our titanium needs, both for initial and healed piercings. Quality titanium that takes well to our in-house anodizing methods. Fast shipping, we love the 2-day shipping rate and it always arrives on time. Our representative, Amanda, is amazing. She's always able to quickly return both my emails or phone calls and even suggests new products that are popular, giving us an upper hand on the trending styles. Amanda has been a pleasure to work with. She's full of energy and does her job well. Consistent, helpful and pleasant! All of the titanium options are the number one reason we stick with Metal Mafia. Our client’s piercings heal without issue as we use only Metal Mafia titanium for every single initial piercing. Even clients who have been pierced elsewhere have no trouble healing once they switch to Metal Mafia titanium. All of the titanium ends make it easy to customize any piercing setup. Our clients love the options!  - Valerie from Siren Body Jewelry

I have been a metal mafia client for 5 years now. I have continued to order because the quality of jewelry is amazing. And the customer service representatives are always helpful, and it is unparalleled. The attention to detail and service is impeccable! Just an amazing company with great products. I'll only use metal mafia products on my clients.  -Summer Dawn Swiger from Heritage Ink Tattoo

I pretty much only order from Metal Mafia for jewelry and piercing supplies. My sales rep (Amanda) is awesome She is always so great, friendly and helpful. i don’t ever have any problems! It doesn’t feel like I’m talking to someone just trying to sale me something and move on because it’s their job. Metal Mafia is a company that feels like they actually care, not a factory filled with “robots”. Not only is the service great but the products are great as well. I know when I order from them I’m getting the best, reliable, and affordable products. I’ve never had any problems with any of my orders either, but I know if I did it would be taking care of, more than likely the same day. On a final note i say often that I’m an integrity over profit business owner, so I love they are the same way and say ethics matter in life and business. Thank you Metal Mafia! - Bobby from Black Bird Tattoo Gallery

hey. it’s ya boi. Alex Christopher. that guy that was on the first hard copied Metal Mafia E-Zine catalog. let me tell you fellas and gals, I love your company! The response time is amazing, the fast shipping and the products you hold are awesome. Btw give Danielle a raise, cuz that’s my forever HOMIE. I bother the shit out of her and she responds to me faster than a fart in the wind, and still I hold a special place in her heart. Beyoncé once said if you like it, you should put a ring on it. Well, I’m here ready to get on one knee and marry your company LOL. I like to give as much feedback as I possibly can because let’s be real here, that’s how the world of companies revolve around the moon. I’m ready to stand front line at Area-51 for you guys, aliens are real, don’t forget that and you guys are awesome, keep up the good work. - Alex from Rorschach Gallery

I love Metal Mafia because here you can find both unique jewelry designs and stunning classic products of all sizes, colors and shapes you need.  And I don’t need to remind about excellent quality at affordable prices. Metal Mafia will meet you with a unified style of product photo gallery, convenient navigation and a detailed explanation of products.  The seller takes care of you, not to get lost in the whole variety of products.  Also, wonderful managers, ready to solve any question and problem, and already helped me more than once with the correct delivery and ordering and have always been very friendly and pleasant, they put samples and magazines to the orders which are always have own place in my studio for demonstration. My customers are also delighted with the products, there were no cases of defects or dissatisfaction. Thanks to the Metal Mafia team.  Good luck and prosperity in your business.  - Madina

I can still remember my first piercing like it was yesterday; Sitting on my bathroom counter, pushing a sewing needle through my lip after allowing my sister to talk me into it. That is where my piercing journey started and I'm now proud to say I'm 7 years into professional piercing and 3 years into owning and operating my own studio. My husband and I started in a small 800 square foot location and quickly realized the need for quality affordable stainless and titanium options. After ordering from several other manufacturers we noticed that Metal Mafias jewelry was not only a hit with the clients and staff but also offered superior quality. Your company’s consistent dedication to quality, keeping up with trending designs, and expedient customer service has not only raised our expectations of quality but our clients as well. I can't reiterate this point enough other companies have had ridiculous wait times, double charged us on multiple occasions, shipped items days late etc. As our business moved into our next 1200 square foot location we increased your designs in our selections including but not limited to: nipple, navel, labrets, and internally treaded ti tops/posts. As our business has grown, so has our clients desire for quality jewelry. We have continued to consistently grow our selection of your products to fulfil our client’s needs. It is now 2019 and were now in a 3500 square foot location in a major mall and continue to educate our clientele base. We strive to elevate their expectations of the piercing experience which has truthfully been guided by the introduction of your quality titanium selections. Your designs are our primary internally threaded go to. I look forward to maintaining our working relationship, thank you.   - Poli from Piercing Poli

My name is Lydia and I am the piercer at Black Arrow Tattoo in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I've only been piercing for 2 years now, but I've been using Metal Mafia since the beginning! As you might know, Arkansas state law changed within the past 2 years where only nickel free jewelry is legal. When I saw Metal Mafia offered titanium I was so relieved that I didn't have to change jewelry providers. I've watched the titanium selection on the website grow over these years and I'm proud to use you guys! I get nothing but compliments from clients on my extensive jewelry collection. Another thing that really solidifies my use of Metal Mafia is the turnaround! I rarely see a whole sale site that has affordable 2-day delivery! It really helps when I get a rush of a certain piercing and I can rely on my jewelry being delivered before I have to turn away too many customers. All in all, I love using Metal Mafia and my customer service rep, Danielle, is a huge help when I have any questions!   - Lydia from Black Arrow Tattoo


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