Body Piercing Supplies

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Body Piercing Supplies and Tattoo Supplies

We’ve seen it over and over and so have you–a beautiful piece of jewelry that looks like crap because a piercing was done incorrectly or the wearer didn’t care for the piercing following the piercer’s instructions. The bottom line is that every good piercing starts with the right supplies.

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X-Marks the Spot

You’ll want something as precise as your work to mark your client’s piercing area. We’ve got you covered with Op-Marks premium ultra-fine skin marking pens. They are disposable and come in boxes of 50 for $20, so they’re a steal at $0.40/each!

Needles? You, bet!

Metal Mafia sells a full selection of piercing needles in 20g, 18G, 16G, 15G, 14G, 13G, 12G, 11G, and 10G. Metal Mafia brand piercing needles are 2” long, EOS sterilized, and tri-beveled to easily enter skin. We also offer Industrial Strength LLC teflon-coated Sharp Ass needles if you prefer coated styles. And for those who prefer catheter needles, you can buy Mosquito Professional Piercing Needles from us as well, helping you to keep the connection between the jewelry and the needle for increased comfort in the piercing room.

Want to avoid needle sticks?

You’ll need to pick up either our 100% natural corks or our receiving tubes which you can buy in either glass or steel in sizes from 8g-00g. In addition, you can also find disposable receiving tubes for single-use in tattoo and piercing shows, on the road engagements or guest spots.

What about sterilization?

Metal Mafia sells Adenna brand self-sealing sterilization pouches in 6 different sizes to be used for both jewelry and tools in your autoclave. The tiniest pouch is perfect for a single piece of jewelry and the largest can hold tools with room to spare.

Need tapers?

We have threaded pins, threaded tapers, insertion tapers, and straight tapers as well. You can choose titanium or steel, according to your preference. Our piercing tapers are often used to create a smooth transition from the needle to the jewelry, and professional piercers everywhere love our titanium pin tapers that can be anodized to your color specifications to help keep your piercing set-up super simple.

Tool up!

Metal Mafia also has a full range of piercing tools and equipment. Hemostats, Forceps, Apadravya Clamps, Microdermal Insertion tools, post holding tools, and ball grabbers can all be purchased in our supplies area. Slotted, sponge, and even a specially designed tool for tongue piercings are available!

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