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Threadless Titanium For The Ultimate Compatibility

ASTMF-136 Titanium body jewelry is truly the best guarantee for the piercing work you do. Hypoallergenic and nickel-free, titanium jewelry is safe and bio compatible for even the most sensitive of bodies. Titanium is used in medical implants for that precise reason–bodies not only don’t react to it, they tolerate it well over time. Your customers may or may not be aware of having allergies to certain metals before they sit in your piercing chair, and the most undesirable way for them to find out is by having a reaction (and then a rejection!) to the piercing you perform for them. Keeping at least a few pieces of titanium for every type of piercing in your shop makes sense, or you might even consider becoming a titanium only studio, so that none of your customers has to go home empty handed.

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What’s So Great About Threadless Jewelry? Everything!

Metal Mafia’s titanium catalogue includes a full line of threadless titanium body jewelry. Threadless jewelry uses one pin size on all heads so that your heads fit all of your shafts from 18g-10g, no matter the shaft size / gauge. Gone are the days of having to stock a full barbell with a clear head, a curved bar with a clear head, a labret with a clear head, etc. You can now just buy whatever wholesale titanium jewelry you need in the desired lengths and gauges as post-only purchases, and one set of clear heads will fit all of them!

Threadless jewelry is easy to use because it is neither internally threaded nor externally-threaded, making all pieces compatible. The pin connecting the head to the shaft is held in by pressure which creates a snug simple fit.

The Best Way to Order Threadless Jewelry

If you are just starting out with threadless jewelry, choose gems of all your favorite colors and sizes, and then select all the shaft silhouettes, lengths, and gauges. You can use our neat organizing displays to show stock a “floor sample” set of your heads, allowing your customers to easily choose gem colors and sizes. As colors run low, give your Metal Mafia rep a call to re-stock on the color you are looking for. And you can use our threadless body jewelry with Obsidian Teflon-Coated needles, or with Metal Mafia’s classic needles.

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