ASTM F-136 Titanium


Buy anodized titanium body jewelry in custom colors like purple, green, teal, blue, yellow, pink, and blurple. Choose from anodized internally-threaded ASTM F-136 TI6AL4V ELI titanium plugs, tunnels, microdermal tops and feet, industrial barbells and captive bead rings, as well as all other basic piercing jewelry.

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Titanium: The Premium Piercing Material

While other metals like surgical steel and gold can successfully be used for piercing, ASTMF-136 titanium is the only truly hypoallergenic material that is safe for anyone to be pierced with. Ti 6AL 4V ELI is Titanium that has been alloyed with 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium with extra low interstitial.Titanium, because it does not contain nickel, can be worn even by people with nickel sensitivities. Titanium piercing jewelry is revered for its hardness and lightness, making it a long lasting choice for piercings, that is both very wearable and scratch-resistant.

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All Titanium is not Equal

As with most metals, there are different grades of titanium. The grade refers to the material composition of the metal. Whenever you purchase any piercing jewelry, you should ask to see the metal certificates corresponding to the jewelry you are purchasing. A metal certificate is your guarantee that the metal from which the jewelry is fabricated is what the manufacturer tells you it is. The certificate should show the gauge or size of the metal, the quantity of the metal that was purchased, the origins of the metal, the seller’s name, the batch number, the grade of the metal, the date of the purchase of the metal itself (which is not your purchase date) and whether the metal is RM-DFARS compliant.

At Metal Mafia, we make all our metal certificates available on our website at all times, in the Metal Certificates section of our website ( Each time we purchase raw material to make our jewelry, we add the updated certificate to the certificates you can view. You may note that some certificates have dates that are older than others–that is normal, because we maintain the certificate online as long as we have jewelry in our bins that come from that batch. As you can imagine, a batch of 4G titanium may take longer for us to sell out of than a batch of 14g titanium, simply because piercers use 14g more often and thus, that stock sells more quickly.

The metal certificate essentially allows you to trace the origins of your jewelry all the way back to its material composition. While many manufacturers refer to their titanium as grade 23, that is not the same as ASTMF-136, the designation for surgical implant grade titanium.

Metal Mafia’s entire line of ASTMF-136 wholesale titanium body jewelry meets the APP standard for titanium jewelry, as confirmed by Pablo Perelmutter and Brian Skellie on September 24, 2022. Pablo wrote: “our committee reviewed your certification and approved the metal as meeting our minimum standards.I have personally notified the membership committee that the current documents meet our requirements!”

Titanium Barbells, Curved Bars, Horseshoes, Labrets, Segment Rings, Nose Jewelry, Captives, and Dermal Anchors

Metal Mafia manufactures ASTMF-136 titanium barbells, curved bars, horseshoes, labrets, segment rings, nose rings, captives, and dermal anchors in the lengths and sizes needed for tongue, labret, tragus, helix, conch, daith, septum, navel, eyebrow, industrial, nostril and nipple piercings . Our ASTMF-136 titanium can be anodized to any color you would like at the time of purchase. If you allow your customers to make special orders, they can also select their color of choice creating cool color combinations with their gemstones.

Our dermal anchor available in ASTMF-136 titanium was designed by Sean Dowdell of Club Tattoo, and has an aerodynamic shape to allow for easy insertion with two lengths and a slim profile to promote help in the healing process.

We use only the highest-quality premium bezel set, press-set, and prong set crystal gems in all of our gemmed pieces.

What kind of threading is available?

Metal Mafia’s line of precision-milled ASTMF-136 titanium is available as either internally-threaded or threadless jewelry. Our internally threaded titanium carries its threading inside the shaft, while the threadless functions with push-pin or pressure locking technology.

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